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  • Merrell Hamblin (IT Director)
    • Phone: 928-333-6589
    • Mobile: 928-245-3107
    • Fax: 928-333-0442
  • Aaron Doster (Network Administrator)
    • Phone: 928-333-6591
    • Mobile: 928-245-3111
    • Fax: 928-333-0442
  • Kayla Dillon (Student Information System Manager)
    • Phone: 928-333-6594
    • Mobile: 928-245-3021
    • Fax: 928-333-0442


The Internet can be a place where your children can spend hours learning about our Solar System, or about what Elephants eat in the wild. The Internet can also be a place of predators and other unfriendly characters. It is important that you inform your children about the dangers of the internet and a number of other important factors that your children should observe when using the Internet.For more Information, see links below. 

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