Safety Plans and Teams

Safety Plans

Planning and preparing to respond to a crisis situation is a critical part of our district’s emergency preparedness efforts. The district has a comprehensive emergency response plan and each building has a site plan. Although the specifics of the district and building plans cannot be public for security reasons, some general characteristics are shared here.


The safety of our Round Valley students and staff is our first concern. Emergency response plans are developed by teams composed of parents, administrators, and staff. The plan contains an emergency directory, action plan, responsibilities and duties, and procedures for all kinds of emergencies.

PLANNING: The district maintains an emergency response guide that is a comprehensive plan for responding to a variety of natural disasters and hazardous situations including earthquake, fire, bomb threat, and hazardous materials incidents. This plan includes training, procedures and guidance relating to lockdown and evacuation procedures, intruder response, and natural or man made disasters.

PREPARING:Our schools have emergency plans in place, which include procedures for responding to incidents like fires, earthquakes, or intruders. Drills are held at all schools throughout the year so that students and staff can practice appropriate responses to hazards. We work in partnership with city and county law enforcement and fire personal to prepare for emergency conditions and hazards in our schools.

RESPONDING: Our district uses the Incident Response System (ICS) structure which is part of the National Incident Management System (NIMS).  This allows us to respond seamlessly with fire and law enforcement.

In the event of a district-wide emergency, district leadership, along with the Communications Department, will establish an Emergency Operations Center to provide support for students and staff at each school and communicate instructions to families. Local law enforcement and emergency management officials will communicate directly with the district to coordinate response plans and maximize resources, ensuring that assistance is available where it is most needed.