Lunch Policy

The Round Valley School District has entered into an agreement to participate in the National School Lunch Program, and accepts responsibility for providing free and reduced price meals to eligible children in the schools under it’s jurisdiction.

The School Food Service Program will provide free and reduced price meals to all economically disadvantaged students as determined by the appropriate district official in accordance with family income standards, regulations, and procedures that have been prescribed by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Parents or guardians wishing to have their children participate in the program for free and reduced price meals must complete an application form each school year. Application forms are provided by the United States Department of Agriculture and will be available at the beginning of the school year from the Central Kitchen and the school your child will attend.

All procedures that the district has agreed to carry out in order to participated in the national school lunch and breakfast programs will be followed.

Students are not allowed to charge school lunch unless there is an emergency. If a student has a charge of up to three meals, the student’s account will be closed. School lunch personnel should contact parents to inform them of the charge and make arrangements for payment before or during the next lunch period. When the charges are paid, your student’s account will be re-opened. Lunch personnel should use extreme caution when allowing students to charge more than one meal.