Nutrition Services

Breakfast / Lunch Procedures

Breakfast / Lunch Procedures

For account balance please call the Central Kitchen 333-6880 Meal Prices: See Meal Prices post on this page Lunch tickets may be purchased in any quantity you wish. For 5 lunches the price is $6.75 We urge you to buy tickets on the first school day of the week. It is easier for the children to handle money on that one day than to have to carry money everyday. However, the children may purchase lunches one day at a time as they go through the Continue reading →

Meal Prices

RVUSD Prices

Free Meals                      No Cost Reduced Meals              Breakfast:                 Elementary–$0.30 –                                        Lunch:                       Elementary/Secondary–$0.40 Paid Meals                      Breakfast:                 Elementary——$1.00 –  Continue reading →

Lunch Policy

Lunch Policy

The Round Valley School District has entered into an agreement to participate in the National School Lunch Program, and accepts responsibility for providing free and reduced price meals to eligible children in the schools under it’s jurisdiction. The School Food Service Program will provide free and reduced price meals to all economically disadvantaged students as determined by the appropriate district official in accordance with family income standards, regulations, and procedures that have been prescribed by the United States Department of Agriculture. Parents or guardians wishing Continue reading →

Reduced Information Letter

Reduced Prices

If approved for reduced-price meals, cost 40 cents per day for lunch and 30 cents for breakfast. If your child is approved for meal benefits, you must tell the Child Nutrition Services when your household income increases by more than $50 per month ($600 per year) or when your household size decreases. You may reapply for benefits at any time during the school year. If you are not eligible now but have a decrease in household income, become unemployed, or have an increase in household Continue reading →

Free & Reduced Information

Free & Reduced

In order to qualify for Free or Reduced school lunch a parent or guardian must fill out a Free and Reduced lunch application, which can be found at the school your child is attending, or our Central Kitchen. The form can also be downloaded on the previous web page in a PDF format. Once the form is completely filled out you can turn it into either the school office, the District Office, or our office. You only have to fill out one application per household. Continue reading →

Denied Information Letter

If you are Denied

After receiving and reviewing the Application for Free and Reduced-Price Meals, it is necessary to deny your household meal benefits for the following reason: –Income is over the amount allowed by eligibility guidelines. If missing information is indicated as a reason for denial, please provide the information to Child Nutrition Services. If you have questions, please call: Joe Stoiber , Food Service Coordinator, 333-6878 You may reapply for benefits at any time during the school year. If you are not eligible now but have a Continue reading →

Nutrition Services at a Glance

Nutrition Services at a Glance

The National School Lunch Program since 1946 has made it possible for schools throughout the nation to serve wholesome lunches that are designed to meet the nutritional needs of children. These lunches make an important contribution to the good nutrition so vital to children’s mental and physical development. Round Valley Schools provide meals that are established on each menu’s nutritional value. Lunch Menu consist of the following: Entrée, Fruit, Vegetable, Bread, Milk. A lunch menu is sent home or available from your students school each month. Continue reading →

Web Sites / Information

Web Info

Federal USDA – Food, Nutrition, & Consumer Services Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food & Nutrition Information Center Federal Regulations USDA Food & Nutrition Services USDA-NSBP USDA Special Milk USDA-Summer Food Sevice USDA-CACFP USDA – NET Center for Nutrition Policy & Promotion   University / Private Organization American School Food Service Association (ASFSA) National Food Service Management Institute (NFSMI) Tufts University Nutrition Navigator Food Management Institute Resource Page American Dietetic Association Second Harvest National Child Care Information Center   Commodity Information Food Distribution 2000 Continue reading →