Free & Reduced

In order to qualify for Free or Reduced school lunch a parent or guardian must fill out a Free and Reduced lunch application, which can be found at the school your child is attending, or our Central Kitchen. The form can also be downloaded on the previous web page in a PDF format. Once the form is completely filled out you can turn it into either the school office, the District Office, or our office. You only have to fill out one application per household. It doesn’t matter if you have children in different schools. Just list them on your application and identify what schools they are attending and we will notify those schools. Once we receive your application it will be reviewed and processed within 10 working days from the date we received it. You will receive a letter in the mail stating the results of your application and we will notify the schools if you have qualified for the Free or Reduced meals. All applications from the previous year are only valid for the first 30 operating school days of the new school year, or by September 30 (whichever comes first). We start accepting applications for the new school year on July 1st of each year.