Attendance Matters

Round Valley Elementary School

is having some fun in promoting good attendance. RVES would like students to realize how important good attendance is and how it has a positive impact on their future. Classrooms will display their individually created attendance pennant each day their classroom has perfect attendance.  Each month an Elks Pride Stick will be given to one class per grade level with the best attendance average. RVES wants students to take pride in their achievements. Also, quarterly we will announce the school wide classroom with the best attendance and those students will receive a very popular and student favorite “Smencil”.  The classroom with the overall best attendance for the year will receive an ice cream party! RVES is excited to instill a sense of achievement and pride as well as teach children that they are a valuable member of each classroom!

Great job to Mrs. Gillespie’s class for having the best attendance for the first quarter of the school year!

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