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Round Valley High School Class of 1971 Is planning a 50-year class reunion to be held July 3rd 2021.  For more information please contact David Walden at 480-678-8898 (text of call) or email: dve.walden@gmail.com

We are trying to get some of the past yearbooks (annuals) put on the web site as well as other things of interest to those who have lived in Round Valley or attended school here.  Please check back often to see what has been updated.  If you have any information that could be added to the page, please contact the Webmaster .

Some alumni have put together several "Round Valley Alumni" sites and requested that we place their address on this site.  These sites are in no way connected with the Round Valley School District.



RV Fight Song

Fight boys and never give in,
we’ve got the spirit ever to win.
Down that field we’ll march along
singing once more our victory song!
We’ve got the fight boys,
we’ve got the song.
Fighting together we can’t go wrong.
Raise up high our battle cry
for R. V. and victory!

RV Alma Mater

Deep in the valley
stands the school we love so well.
Round Valley High School
must we say farewell?
We thy sons and daughters,
lift our voices to the sky.
And the hills re-echo
sending back the cry.
R. V., Round Valley High School,
alma Mater proud are we.
R. V., Round Valley High School,
thy sons to be.