Saturday, October 22, 2016
Round Valley Unified Schools
Position Vacancies

Round Valley Unified School District in Eagar-Springerville, Arizona, has the following positions available:

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Interested persons should contact the:

District Administrative Center
940-B East Maricopa Street
P. O. Box 610
Springerville, Arizona  85938
phone 928-333-6580

  Positions open until filled, unless a specific date is indicated.  The District is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination in relation to race, gender, age, color, religion, national origin and disability.  This policy covers but is not limited to recruitment, employment, training and promotion of persons in all classifications.

Administration Job Application
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Certified [

Teaching positions require Arizona certification.  Beginning salary $33,000 (BA, Step 1, on Certified Salary Schedule). Additional salary with up to 10 years prior teaching experience; $700 extra with Master's degree, $1600 for Doctorate.



Substitute Teachers  

Must be Arizona certified.  Salary $115 per day with regular teacher or substitute certification; $75 per day with emergency substitute certification.

Special Education Instructional Aide   High School diploma or equivalent required.  Starting salary $8.21 per hour (Grade 3, Step 1, on Classified Salary Schedule).
On Call Dome Events   Notice
Substitute Teachers Aides   Salary $7.90  per hour (Grade 4, Step 1, on Classified Salary Schedule).  High school diploma or GED required.
Substitute Special Education Aides   Salary $8.21  per hour (Grade 5, Step 1, on Classified Salary Schedule).  High school diploma or GED required.
Food Services    
Substitute Food Service Workers   High School diploma or equivalent helpful. This position is paid the current minimum wage rate of $8.05 per hour.
Substitute Bus Driver  
CDL required.  The district will pay for the CDL, Physical, and All Training.  Salary starts at $9.58 per hour (Grade 7, Step 2, on Classified Salary Schedule).
Round Valley Middle School  



Round Valley High School  

Coaching position available for the 2016-2017 school year:
Head Track (Stipend begins at $2720.00)